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there are the mornings where your back cracks
as you reach over seeking for the curve of my hip
and thunder rumbles through the clouds outside
just a single second after your sleepy bones sigh.
sometimes there are mornings where aches spread
slowly down the slopes of your thighs before coming
to a rest behind relaxed knees and the skin there is nice
and warm when my cold ankles come to rest around them.
other times there are mornings where angry winds howl
through the bars of our ribcages oh-so-loudly and we’re
so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired that the walls
tremble in fear as we play our least favourite game of pushpull.
there are also mornings where the floors are covered
with water that rise up to our shins and yet you are willing
to wade through waves that are strong enough to crack the
bedframe just to get to me and brush water off my cheeks.
and there will always be mornings where your sleepy lips
manage to cover the expanse of my face and a lazy
smile imp
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 4 0
i don't need a galaxy
when people are in love, they
tend to aim far, make extraordinary
goals, and weave hundreds of
promises in and out of their pores
with the thickest threads they can
get their hands on
they want singing birds, unnamed
galaxies that only belong to them,
an eternal supply of fireworks lodged
safely in the crevices of their hearts,
and maps of each other’s bodies
but i am content with your voice,
the presence of you in my head, your
name and how innocent letters thread
together to form something so beautiful,
and the way pain bows aside to let you in
(refer to: loving realistically)
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 7 2
some say that a handful of names will
always taste bitter on your tongue
even if you never have to feel the
weight of each individual letter on
your tastebuds ever again
but only fools would move forward
without tasting other letters that
could lift that bitterness off your
tongue and replace it with something
sweeter, gentler, tastier
(refer to: the moving on)
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 5 0
motion. by electrickiss motion. :iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 1 9
gen. blue
nothing hangs directly above your head
weighing down on a strand of possiblys and maybes
and your mouth dries up somewhat as
you stare up at it with heavy eyes.
somewhere across the room fire is
seeping down the edges of an old newspaper
and an ash flake drifts down to the carpet where it
bleeds and blends and is nowhere to be seen.
you were born wild and you won’t
stop running until it’s over but you must first
look past the beads of expensive sadness
wound around your neck because your life depends on it.
the number 820 is scribbled down your arm and you think
you’ve said goodbye to someone 820 times before
because saying goodbye is infinitely easier
than being alone in 820 shades of blue.
there’s a knife somewhere beneath your shoulder blade
and it bends as you twist and blood runs down the
hollow of your spine and that’s when you know
you are more than capable of swallowing bullets.
this is what it feels like.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 6 2
land of the envied.
there’s a cross inked down the flat plane of his back,
one thick line of black punctured by the jut of bone,
but a shrug of fabric later and that’s all gone –
was it ever really there in the first place?
the lone paper bag in the corner of the room
has wrinkles all over its front and back,
trademark symbols of wisdom and serenity –
gone through mass production and rough hands.
a still body of water slowly clouds over in the tub,
the temperature warm enough to fight away goosebumps
but cold enough for you to want to sink into it and never rise –
one slow trickle is all it takes for empty gaps to fill up over time.
a three-legged chair supporting its own lopsided weight on
a pile of ashes that will never feel fire ever again.
constellations reflect light down towards the masses and look pretty –
but that’s all they’ll ever be.
things are always beautiful when they’re doomed,
when they have an expiration date, when they’re sure t
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 67 23
artsy fartsy. by electrickiss artsy fartsy. :iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 6 4
the moon is on fire
she lives with jagged horns up and down her back that her hair gets caught up in. sleep comes rarely, and when it does, it prefers to tangle itself between the strands of her hair instead of seeping into her eyes. she stays awake with round little things that people call happy pills – she thinks they taste vile, but they’re the only things keeping her awake. acid breaks out of the happy pills as they land in her stomach, and she can feel them biting through the walls, fighting their way into tired bloodstreams.
sometimes she cracks into minuscule bits like a porcelain doll dropped on wood. she wonders if hammering her pieces with the speed of light would make her whole again. she likes it when the sky turns into the colour of cigarette smoke. that way, her skin blends in against the background and she can enjoy moments of non-existence.
there are holes in her body that she fills with a mixture of silence and ragged breaths. if she could she would leave them as they are
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 12 9
lady in the mirror.
you are all sharp bones
sunken cheeks and razored teeth
your fingers leave indents
that (sometimes) bleed
this is your only legacy
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 6 1
the winter prince.
he is the winter prince
and it suits him
because the way he
breathes freezes your
pain into blood-red
icicles and it doesn't
hurt anymore
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 3 2
he is an artist, from the way
bruises bloom across pale thighs
and thin bloodstreams leak from
but the sun's rising and
everything's just about
to go up in flames
so hold on baby and don't let go.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 8 4
give me your tonight.
i need you like
how pollen and
bees somehow
fall into a nice,
rhythmic pattern
that keeps everyone
happy and alive.
like how a guitar
needs fingers resting
along its side in order
for it to sing. or maybe
how skin needs lips
to bruise them
nicely, darkly.
but i guess
the simplest way
to put it would be
that i need you
because with you,
my feet are on the
ground, and i’m not
floating high in the
sky – i’m really
scared of heights.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 5 2
out on the dusty roads paved all
over the face of the earth, death
ensued, red and fast.
when it was all over, black strewn
across barren land, love descended
in the form of salvation.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 5 3
they used to be so perfect,
but then they came back
down onto earth and all
of a sudden perfect doesn't
seem to work anymore.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 2 1
he sits on the edge of the roof,
hands loose around his knees
as he looks up at the sky, at all
the pretty little stars sprinkled
on her face.
crows fly silently over his head
as he tells a star how lucky he
is to have her – earnest, honest.
the star presses close into the
sky and breathes.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 6 2
touches cling to the sides of mountains,
some desperate and others not, yet all
parts of lives, dreams, and occasionally
forgotten words.
but they lack the strength to stay there
for long – some end up slipping from
the surface and falling into nothingness
called life.
catch them before they're gone, and don't
forget to hold them close.
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 2 0




Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
we are the aimless, the broken, the last. we light up the bars of the world with the decadent distance of innocence.

Tumblr #2
Compilation of Works
it's been so long since i've written poetry
poetry for myself 

so as the new year kicks in, i'm going to try
i'm going to try and put small slivers of my life
into words

and so i gave birth to the series: The Journey

where each piece will refer back to a small,
but certain point in my life

i hope it goes somewhere
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